It is so significant to have a positive mindset, especially under these circumstances, so this call has the potential to completely revolutionize, every aspect of your life and career. My name is Real Kunene, I am an energetic professional certified LES BROWN speaker, certified TONY ROBBINS coach, mentor, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, well known for encouraging many to rise from mediocrity into greatness. I work with driven, ambitious, motivated individuals, professionals, Government Officials, Public Figures, executives, entrepreneurs and coaches, wanting, or “being forced” to create a shift in their life. If you are stuck or are tired of overanalysing, feeling confused, repeating the same mistakes over and over again, then you need to meet with me and give yourself a second chance to change things around. I am here for purpose-driven individuals meant for BIG impact and a freedom-based lifestyle. If you are a driven leader, creative and visionary ready to step into your power and bring to life your big vision; motivated individual ready to start living with PURPOSE and IMPACT; passionate leader ready to overcome self-sabotage, lack of confidence and anxieties...this consultation is yours. I think whosoever said that the sky is the limit was wrong, from today on, I REAL KUNENE believe that, the sky is our point of let’s all rise to greater heights!


Drawing from her wide and varied training, coaching and experience, Real specialises in a wide range of issues and objectives including:
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Anxiety, Life purpose & career direction
  • Making dreams reality
  • Procrastination & perfectionism
  • Relationship issues & breakups
  • Addictions & bad habits
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personal goals and Money Blocks
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Work-life balance & well-being
  • High Performance and Limiting beliefs
  • Phobias & irrational fear
  • Entrepreneurship and Transition Careers
  • Health and Beauty
  • Financial Position Review & Improvements
  • Build modern routines to suit your lifestyle
  • Accountability, Support and Freebies